Tirupati Balaji Darshan Packages From Bangalore

We call our nation incredible India for the right reasons. Along with many tourist attractions and places, India is a noted pilgrimage destination, where thousands of visitors come every year to undertake a spiritual tour.Tirupati is a small city located in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The city is known as a pilgrimage centre as there are many famous temples dedicated to the incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

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Significance of Tirupati Temple

Rightly termed the holy city, Tirupati’s major attractions lie in the variety of temples found here. Sri Venkateswara Temple is the most popular temple in Tirupati. Despite being an ancient temple, Sri Venkateshwara is the richest and busiest pilgrim centre in India. Lord Venkateshwara or Balaji has some super power which brings us all the way from our home to his feet.

Sri Venkateswara Temple is also known as the Temple of Seven Hills as it is located on the Tirupati peak. Besides, the temple has another name derived from the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which is called Tirupati Balaji. The temple is considered to be the abode of Vishnu on Earth. It is believed that the Lord settled on this hill since He could not find Goddess Lakshmi after she left. Sage Brigham tested His greatness by kicking Him in the chest. Goddess Mahalakshmi residing in His chest felt insulted by this and left.

As the temple is situated at an elevation of 850 metres, people can enjoy the mesmerising sights around. With sacred waterfalls and tanks, the temple offers a visual treat to our eyes due to its ancient, elegant architecture. Tirumala, in all its rights, is heaven. Its powers are indescribable. The Vedas have taken the form of rocks and appeared on Tirumala. Holiness has taken the form of water and is flowing as streams on Tirumala. Its holy peaks are Brahmaloka and other lokas. Srinivasa lives in Seshadri.The temple is surrounded by the top most attractions of Tirupati. The city is inclined with attractions like Silathoranam, Kapila Theertham, Sri Venkateshwara Park, Sri Varaha Swamy temple and other sight seeing places for visitors and families at Tirupati. The town of Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh is famous for its temples, the most famous and popular of which is Sri Venkateswara Temple, which sits atop one of the seven peaks of Tirumala Hills. The town is famous for the football pilgrims from around the country as well as the world. Tirupati Balaji Temple is the world's largest and richest temple because of the amount of donations. It is received by the pilgrims.Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams established Sri Venkateswara Museum, one at Tirumala and the other at Tirupati. It has a wonderful collection of Tirupati temple architecture and historical artefacts, such as ancient weaponry, pooja items and idols. It has a comprehensive photo gallery that gives a unique insight into the Tirupati region's culture and traditions. It also boasts a meditation centre. It exhibits a rich collection of stone and metal sculptures of Hindu gods and other cultural vestiges retrieved from other historical places like Gudimallam, Gandikota and Yaganti. It also includes galleries for mediaeval weapons, swords and daggers, coins and paper documents.The city has many historical temples including the Venkateswara Temple which bears 1,150 inscriptions in the Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages.These are the architectural and cultural heritage of Tirupati.

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