NRI Darshan

Entry NRIs and foreign visitors who get entrance to the Supatham entry can receive special darshan at Tirumala. Devotees should return to the Supatham entrance with the necessary documentation to request this facility. NRIs can access Darshan through Supatham entrance after the paperwork have been validated and the required Darshan price has been paid. Please be aware that you may only utilise this amenity in person; it cannot be reserved online.

NRIs who want to use this service must report to Supatham Entry between the hours of 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM daily. NRIs do not have a separate quota, but their queue will be joined with that of other devotees. Special admission for Privileged People, Infant Entry, and Physically Challenged People will all have their own lines in the queue. This may significantly shorten the amount of time devotees must wait in line, allowing them to get Darshan more quickly.

  1. NRI’S are allowed through Vaikuntam Queue Complex (VQC-1)
  2. Timings for the NRI darshan will be 11AM-5PM
  3. NRI are supposed to fill the form at the entrance to avail darshan
  4. Only Devotees who are NRI can avail darshan. Relatives and Friends will be not be allowed with them.
  5. Supatham special entry ticket cost 300/- per persons. Children below 12 years can accompany with parents
  6. NRI can avail darshan based on VISA verification
  7. NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) who holds OCI (Persons of Indian Origin) can avail Balaji darshan at Supatham entry by carrying OCI Card and Foreign passport anytime.
  8. NRI with Indian passport with foreign Visa are allowed within a month after arriving India staff will validate the Immigration stamp date.
  9. Electronic gadgets are not allowed inside the temple premises for the darshan.

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