Best Travel Agency in Bangalore For Tirupati Tour

Sri Balaji Travels provides the best travel package from Bangalore to Tiupati at affordable prices for visitors and families traveling to Tirumala Temple with customizable packages. Our team ensures that we travel to Tirupati from Bangalore with car rental, accommodation and arrangements for food, breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc. We provide special darshan tickets to families and friends for Tirupati from Bangalore at a lower cost.

Apart from the temples, which are the most famous places in Tirupati, there are other significant tourist attractions and interesting things to do here. Trek through the Tirumala Hills. The rolling green hills are surrounded by wooded areas, which make for great day treks, picnics, or simply to spend time in nature. Visit the Sila Thoranam, a unique natural rock formation, which is considered to be one of its kind in Asia. Take a trip to the Akasha Ganga Waterfall. The waterbody is a perennial cascade which resembles the upper reaches of the Ganges. It is also a great place for day treks and picnics.

Sri Venkateswara temple is the highlight of Tirupati tourism. Apart from that there are many other places to visit here. Sri Venkateswara Swamy Vaari Temple is a Hindu temple situated in the hill town of Tirumala at Tirupati in Tirupati district of Andhra Pradesh, India. The Temple is dedicated to Venkateswara, a form of Vishnu, who is believed to have appeared on the earth to save mankind from trials and troubles of Kali Yuga.

Pilgrims on their way to visit Sri Venkateswara Temple first stop and pay their respects to Goddess Padmavathi, the incarnation of Goddess Parvati. Said to be the wife of Lord Venkateswara in Kali Yuga, this temple is present in close vicinity of Tirupati Balaji.

The complex of the temple has a large lake called Padma Sarovaram. Bathing in its waters with full devotion is considered divine as this the lake where Goddess Padmavathi is said to have appeared as a golden lotus flower. On special festivals and grand celebrations, a huge crowd gathers to take a dip and pray in the old waters of Padma Sarovaram. Miniature temples belonging to other deities like Sri Krishna Swamy are also present inside the premises.

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