Sri Balaji Travels offer the best Tirupati packages customers, devotees, bhaktas at economical prices. We offer Rs.300 special Darshan tickets for pilgrims at Tirupati. We plan and organise special darshan tickets for our pilgrims, arrange for their accommodations and stay, hotels and restaurants for food, driver beta, tax charges, petrol expenses, miscellaneous expenses, etc... inclusive with the charges for your comfort and convenience.

Tirupati darshan from Bangalore

We provide Tirupati Darshan from Bangalore with travel of six to eight hours from Bangalore to Tirupati. We also offer packages as per customer requirements basis with the package as per your desire.

Two day package

You can pick up a car rental package from Bangalore at your location and then drop at Tirupati by noon. Later, after a special darshan by three o'clock or four, we plan for your coffee and tea break. We include all your tax and petrol charges along with package charges at affordable prices for pilgrims and devotees. Our main objective and target is to satisfy our esteemed customers and clients at limited prices.

Three day package

We have three days car rental package from Bangalore at your location and then drop at Tirupati .All sorts of services are inclusive in our package at affordable rates and low-expensive costs. You can clarify your doubts and queries at any time. We are always here to guide your tirupati travel needs from Bangalore. Our driver will guide you to get a wonderful Tirupati trip and make your journey a memorable and pleasant one.

At any cost and effect, contact us with further details and information and also you can choose bus booking package in Sri Balaji Travels from Bangalore and have a hassle free trip to tirupati with an excellent Darshan package with a guide to all your needs.Grab your tickets to make a memorable trip to Tirupati from Bangalore at Sri Balaji Travels.