What is so special about tanjore painting in Tirupati?

One of the most famous works of art is Tanjore Painting. Tanjore Painting is a traditional style of gold leaf painting. It is also known as the Thanjavur style of painting, it is practised at Mandanapalli, a town near Tirupati and is an authentic form of South Indian art that traces back the world to 1600 AD. The tanjore style paintings are vibrant in colour with glittering gold foil, glass beads, and precious gems carved on them. The paintings are done on wooden planks, which are known as Palagai Padam and art-lovers, non-art-lovers, and everyone who sees the gorgeousness of the paintings fall in love with them.

Tanjore paintings are an artistic style of representing portraits as well. This painting enhances the artistic style of the artist in an acrylic way. Tirumala Tirupati temple represents tanjore painting in the pillars and icons around the temple for the visitors, devotees and senior citizens in the temple. This increases the standard citizen of the temple. The temple proffers with tanjore painting, while the foreigners snapshots the clicks of tanjore painting that is a famous one of Tanjore. The painting increases the vivid colours, colour combinations and glittering gold foils that are delicate and the extensive glass work and pieces are famous and precious, semi-precious gems. These paintings are very rich, and originated and thrived in Thanjavur in TamilNadu. Under the patronage of the regions of Maratha rulers during the 17th century. The common themes in Tanjore paintings include Bal Krishna, Lord Rama, as well as other gods and goddesses, saints and subjects from Hindu mythology. Every tanjore painting comes with a certificate and also is used with real gold stones and gems. The legacy of this culture is represented in the paintings, the mural traditions of this region represents the pinnacle of Chola architecture and the rulers of Mughal empire.

Tanjore painting is one of the rich embellishment of the historical heritage, culture and empires. The paintings are forever cherished and joyous of celebration and surrounded by subsidiary figures and elements of epics and Indian mythology culture. This depiction makes out the figures significant and historic. The paintings are also the systematic influences of Tamil, Maratha, Telugu and folk, thanks to colonial rule.

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